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General Information

About the Zoo

The Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo opened in March of 1971 under the name Phoenix Zoo. It is situated on a pine-covered hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Hitotsuba area of northeastern Miyazaki City.
On a 130,000 square meter pine-covered hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean and neighboring the Sheraton Resorts Phoenix SeaGaia facilities, the Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo cares for approximately 1,500 animals of 100 different species.
In addition to the zoo's Asia Park, Africa Park, and Children's Animal Village zoological attractions, there is an amusement park, a flowing pool (only Summer), dining and shopping areas, exhibition halls, parks, playgrounds, and other facilities.

Address 〒880-0122
3083-42 hamayama shioji Miyazaki-city
TEL +81-985-39-1306
FAX +81-985-39-1300

For the physically disabled/For those bringing small children

For the physically disabled

hen you come to the entrance of the zoo, there is an inclining slope. Once you pass through it, there is a gentle decline that evens out to level ground.
At the ticket desk, you can borrow a wheel chair for free, complimentary of the zoo. Just ask.

In the rest room in two places in the garden, a multipurpose rest room is equipped, too. (The rest room at the gate is excluded. )

Rest room
Rest room "Lawn plaza" near

Rest room
Rest room "Child animal village" near

The shop and the restaurant can enter like the wheelchair.

For those bringing small children

There is lending the stroller (200 yen) and the doubles wagon (400 yen) at the entrance gate.
(There is no time restriction. )

The baby room (suckling room) is in the restaurant, and use it freely, please.
Please tell even the clerk in charge in the restaurant us when you use the hot water.

The rest room in the garden includes a multipurpose rest room in which the [omutsu] substitution seat is equipped, too. (The rest room at the gate is excluded. )

There are a lot of play equipment that even a small child can enjoy in the amusement park.
 - The age and the height are limited by the play equipment.
Please see the page of Amusement park in detail.

Moreover, there are various automatic play equipment in shop and "Release plaza", too.

About the guide and the charge

Time and holiday

Hours 9:00 - 17:00 ( No entrance after 16:30 )
Holidays Every Wednesday / December 31

About the charge

- Admission fees

Adults (High School and over) 830yen
Junior High School Students 420yen
Children (4 years to Elementary School age) 310yen
Special note (There is a 20% discount for groups of 15 members and over.)

- Parking/ Space available for 1,000 passenger cars, buses, etc.

Passenger car 400yen
Microbus 600yen
Large bus 1,000yen

- Lending

Stroller 200yen
Doubles wagon 400yen
Umbrella Free
Wheelchair Free
Coin-operated locker According to the size 300~500yen
It sets it up on the side of a central stall in the entrance gate and the garden.

Manners of zoo

  1. Neither the pet nor the animal put it in the zoo. - Please consult about the guide dog etc.
  2. Do not run after, and do not bully the animal of pasturing in the garden such as pigeons.
  3. Do not feed the animals (excepting the food sold to guests for feeding).
  4. Do not climb over the fences or railings to approach the animals.
  5. Do not carry small animals, plants, etc. out of the zoo.
  6. Do not bring alcohol into the premises.
  7. The zoo is no smoking. Please smoke in the smoking area. Do not smoke while seeing the smoking while walking and the animal.
  8. Please put trash in the trash cans provided. Please dispose of cigarette butts appropriately.
  9. Small children must be supervised at all times by a guardian.
  10. If you have any questions, please ask an attendant. Questions regarding the animals are also welcomed.
  11. Please observe the park rules and enjoy your stay.
  12. Please take garbage home as much as possible.