Miyazaki City phoenix Zoo

Zoo that is located in average of vast pine woods in HITOTSUBA coast where it faces Miyazaki City northeastern and the Pacific Ocean, and is adjacent to resort facilities group of "Sheraton resort phoenix Sea Gaia". Those who enter a kindergarten can be amused by a show and a variety of animal events of the flamingo that boasts of breeding number whole country 1 animals' in about 125 kind 1400 points being bred in the garden of 13000 ?, and being done every day. It is popular facilities where there are an amusement park, a lazy river pool (business in summer) besides the animal exhibition space such as an Asian garden, Africa gardens, and the child animal villages, a dining room, a stall, and an information plaza and a plaza, etc. very stricken, and a lot of families etc. visit, and a lively voice might not discontinue. This zoo introduced "Different kind mixture breeding" that bred a different kind of animal together in advance of the whole country.
A business is opened as a member of the phoenix international sightseeing group in March, 1971. Miyazaki City and Miyazaki Bank invest jointly by the management failure of the Sea Gaia resort, quasi-public corporation "Miyazaki City phoenix Sanctuary management Ltd." is established, and it has done business as "Miyazaki City phoenix Sanctuary" since September, 2001.